Madonna: Summer 2016 Colours

In colours inspired by the purple cauliflower grown in our garden in the summer of 2016, here is an update of my Madonna graphic.

Recently I have  returned to researching and organizing colours and, by doing so, was reminded of the colours I found in the purple cauliflower that we grew in our summer 2016 garden, which inspired me. I tweaked my graphic of Madonna to use for colour combination exploration.

Besides the Aurora and Rococco Reds used in Madonna’s lips and my “m:  i am love” signature, the colour swatches used in the graphic form the background.  I have created a Purple Cauliflower palette of the swatches which joins my .ase palette swatches library.

My signature is now a glyph for my personal font library.  The Madonna title is one of my personal calligraphy fonts.  


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