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Help me help you learn (cryptocurrencies, tokens, smarter browsing, “newer” technology in general) by clicking the links below which help me continue to learn and earn reward values.   

Tired of advertisements while browsing?  Be brave; go Brave and reduce ads that pervade the internet.   Fast, safe and ad-free Internet browsing with the Brave web browser blocks ads for a fast browsing experience protected privacy and security at a deep level.  By using Brave, you can control who profits from your data with blockchain-based tokens.  Get to the information that you need and that you enjoy.  Your attention is valuable and you can earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads and also pay-it-forward to support content creators.  Tests show Brave loads 2 to 8 times faster for news sites (CNN () , ) than Chrome and Firefox.  

Set the Brave browser as your default.  It has a Private Window with Tor where Brave will not remember what you do. With Tor, your browsing is  hidden from your ISP and your IP address is hidden from the sites you visit. My search engine of choice is DuckDuckGo which does not track your search history.  It is the Tor default search engine. 

Join Coinbase. Coinbase was founded six years ago (June 2012) with headquarters in San Francisco, California, US.  The company has continued to grow and works to keep up in the cryptocurrency market. If you introduce a friend to Coinbase, both you and a friend will both get $13 CAD of free Bitcoin when your friend buys or sells at least $131 of digital currency. Learn more at the Coinbase website.  This is the company that has taught me about BAT; now it is your turn.   Be Brave.

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  1. Thank you, Marlene. Sounds very interesting. It would be good to aviod the ads for sure.
    So appreciate your tips that are always worrhwhile.

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