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Blue Grama Publications is an independent publisher and receives no publishing grants. Blue Grama offers a wide variety of print and electronic publication services for authors, musicians, artists, and other publishers in the production of published or private titles, on an individual contracted basis.

Alberta Wildflowers Wall Calendar

Published by Blue Grama Publications, the Alberta Wildflowers 2015 wall calendar (ISBN 9781987855005) features two spring 2015 colours: classic blue and lavender herb.

2015 AB Wildflowers Calendar Front
front of the 2015 Alberta Wildflowers wall calendar


2015 AB Wildflowers Calendar Back
back of the 2015 Alberta Wildflowers wall calendar
2015 AB Wildflowers summary
summary overview of the 2015 Alberta Wildflowers 11″ x 17″ wall calendar images

Calendar images are from Sharp’s Flora of the Northwestern Great Plains database.

To purchase images or calendars, contact M. E. Lacey, (or request your own customized calendar).


Blue Grama (named after a southern Alberta short grass, showing the publisher’s naturalist interests) has published a number of books since 2001.

  • Night Spin – published March, 2001 was published under Professional Informatics.
Night Spin
Night Spin
  • The Rural Roots Reader – published November 1, 2002 under Blue Grama Publications Corp.
The Rural Roots Reader
The Rural Roots Reader

Subsequent titles include

  • The Seeker’s Heart
  • Standards of Excellence
  • The Tycquet Twins: Summer Holiday
  • Thursday’s Secret
  • Grace

A number of private titles have been published.

For example:

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada
Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada

Blue Grama has assisted authors, editors, and publishers with the wide variety of tasks faced in getting their manuscripts and articles to final product in both digital and print realms. Common tasks include book cover design, various levels of editing, manuscript organization, document structuring, photography, image creation, and report generation.

Illegal Combinations front cover
Illegal Combinations front cover of custom chapbook


Audio, Multimedia, Film

A multimedia-design company, BGP works with audio, video and dynamic interactive multimedia titles.

  • Album designs (sample cd design)
  • Video and audio, including audio scrubbing
  • HD filming of performance and special events, with conversion to formats for web delivery.


Blue Grama handles all aspects of website development:

  • domain name serving
  • domain name registration services
  • website development
  • website hosting and maintenance
  • Internet marketing services



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