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It is my experience as a publisher that the most common program authors use to submit their manuscripts is Microsoft Word.  When creating an interactive epub, hyperlinks are common.  For many reasons, my program of choice for epub and print creation is Adobe InDesign, hence I am often importing Word documents into InDesign.  After importing, a box or border around the Word-created hyperlinks appears that I have had to deal with, along with a host of styles created either purposely or accidentally, by the author.

To save a lot of time and layup frustration, I carefully go over the submitted Word document before importing.¬† Early in my epub experience, I didn’t import the styles but found that it cost me too many hours of detailed editing in InDesign. With interactive documents, InDesign document hyperlinks inherit a character style called ‚ÄúHyperlink‚ÄĚ with the appearance of underlines, blue text and a visible rectangle.

Appearance of Interactivity
Underlining, presentation of blue text and use of a rectangle are frequent attributes to Word-imported text that dsiplays interactive appearance.

The character style is easily edited, but to manage the visibility and invisibility of the hyperlink rectangle, it is necessary to work with Hyperlink Options and this is easily done in InDesign for every hyperlink when you know where to go to set its options.

So, here is where to go: ¬†from the Window menu, select Interactive and then select Hyperlink from the presented list.¬† A Hyperlinks panel will appear listing your InDesign document’s hyperlinks.¬† Use Shift or Control keys to help you select the group of hyperlinks that you wish to edit.¬† (For example, to select the complete list, left-click the first link in the list and then scroll to the bottom and press the Shift key at the same time as left-clicking.)¬† Once the links are selected, go to the Hyperlink panel list icon at the top right-hand-side of the panel to list available options and choose the “Hyperlink Options‚Ķ” option.¬† From there, you will be given an Edit Hyperlink window where you can set the “Appearance” where you can control the rectangle appearance such as “Invisible Rectangle” to hide the rectangle often used to display clickable regions for interactive links.¬† Annoying highlighting can be hidden or set using the same process.

Play based on true story of local author

Yesterday, a poster for a play that will be presented at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre arrived in my mailbox‚ÄĒnot my email box, but in the mailbox at my front door. It was not delivered by the mailman, it was delivered by the play’s author, Allan Wilson. My company, Blue Grama Publications Corp. published Allan’s book, Standards of Excellence in 2005. ¬†I had just met Allan and saw his play, “Walking Upright Through the Fire” read at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre, for Kids Cancer Care Foundation. So, I read his book and believed that it was the more marketable choice for my company to publish, than an emotionally-driven play. ¬†The play, I believed would be a limited sale to those doing a presentation.

Now in 2010, I look back and see that the major interest in Allan’s work surrounds not the book that I published, but the play. ¬†The painful story of a man¬†journaling¬†the final phase of his son’s life is compelling to many who deal with the loss of a loved one. ¬†Allan’s continued struggle to find the real meaning behind his devastation has been a healing process to him and to others seeking to find solace from the pain of losing a child to terminal cancer. Through Blue Grama Publications, Allan will continue to deliver hope and meaning to bereavers, as the play will be published and will continue to contribute support towards the Kids Cancer Care Foundation.

Someday, Allan will lay down beside his son. ¬†Today, however Allan flips a story of loss to a story of optimism. ¬†No matter your loss, you too can stand upright facing the most difficult events in your life. ¬†Concentrate on the positive aspects of your process and share your story with others so they too, can find hope in a bleak situation. ¬†Allan often refers to the play as Josh’s story; it is Allan’s story: ¬†a broken-hearted parent finds a way to keep the love of his child alive, a way to assist others through sharing his story and to continue contributing to the charity that fights the cause of his devastating loss. ¬†Alan is the cancer survivor in this story, learning¬†there is something beyond the pain. ¬†With the love of and for a child whose spirit lives on, Alan remains a parent and a mailman delivering a message of hope and survival.

Here are the details of the upcoming play: Walking Upright Through the Fire, a two-act play by Allan Wilson, presented by Taber Players, Thurs. Feb 18‚ÄďSat. Feb 20, 2010 7:30 pm Sterndale Bennett Theatre Lethbridge, AB admission $20. ¬†Starring: ¬†Derek Stevenson, Doug MacArthur, Jocelyn Steinborn with: ¬†Dorian Ayers, Peter Lovering, Alea Steinborn and Mickey Wilson. ¬†Directed by Darrell Croft. ¬†Stage Manager: ¬†Murray Pruden.

Inter-media publishing

explaining inter-media publishing

I love layering and mixing various media‚ÄĒphotographic, graphic images, sound and video and thinking about¬†philosophies that lay beneath user interface and software issues. I wonder how ergonomics, colour, light, word choice and¬†placement affect people‚Äôs reactions. I am interested in helping to create an environment where people feel included and assisted rather than excluded and frightened. I am a multimedia artist for peace AND … I am an inter-media publisher.¬† An inter-media publisher integrates the various modes of publishing from print, to epubs, to information streaming.¬†My goal in life is to wed creativity with technicality and to impact the world as much as zero.

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