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This is the official page of Canadian inter-media artist, publisher and designer (web and print), Marlene Lacey. Marlene has worked with Internet services as it emerged in post-secondary education services. When the Internet became publicly available in the mid-nineties, she began developing websites and has trained others to do likewise. Since the mid-eighties, she supported the use of computers in academic, administrational, corporate and private sectors, providing customized group and individual training courses. She continues to employ a wide variety of development software and explores emerging technical resources.

She has developed and designed both large- and small-scale, content-rich websites. Particularly important is guiding the inclusion of people who need to manage content yet are typically not involved in managing websites nor comfortable working with unfamiliar technologies.

She takes pride in developing and integrating print and digital products that enable individuals, organizations and businesses focus on their goals and to communicate and market more effectively. She enjoys trouble shooting, optimizing workflow, improving communication and developing visuals to convey meaningful content. Content is king and Marlene enjoys the iterative process of culling, editing, organizing and honing information.

Writing Cycles

She provides instruction and services in the publishing industry. Her company, Blue Grama Publications has hosted and managed a wide variety of websites integrating digital and print realms as an inter-media publisher.

She has a passion for fine-art and loves to take photographs, create handmade paper and sculptures, plays with audio and film. She has built up a large library of images with a focus on people and landscapes of Canada, particularly the Southern Alberta region. She has authored, co-authored and published many titles and websites. Graphic design and editing are particular strengths that customers appreciate.

She believes education is a personal and life-long responsibility and continues to take advantage of many Internet information sessions.

Music, dance, film and poetry are strong interests.

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