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Previously referred to as “the computer lady”, “the paper lady”, “go-to-gal”, “the lady behind the camera” publisher, editor, poet, and graphic artist, Marlene is now semi-retired but continues to  provide a number of creative and IT services. Her work marries technology and science with creativity.  She once referred to herself as a “technartualist” however adding a continued focus on environmental issues, with a particular interest in sustaining the natural world, she now prefers the descriptor, “inter-media artist for peace” where artist refers to a broad range of creative areas such as writing, painting, crafting, exploring, film, photography, ….

She has published multimedia websites since the mid-90s and has worked with many award-winning artists (authors, musicians, poets, and visual artists) and published a small number of titles as an independent Canadian book publisher under the Blue Grama Publications imprint.  

Book cover and book layout has been a large focus of her work, in addition to detailed editing and fact checking.  Her creative, academic, and corporate editing experiences serve to provide a professional level of editing and she is described as having a keen eye for detail.  She has found that creatives embrace and value her input.  Final output satisfies author, editor, and publisher and readers benefit with a more coherent, consistent, and clear product.  

She was a work partner with The University of Lethbridge’s professor of biology, William Sharp (Bill) primarily on his Flora of Northwestern Great Plains project from the time of his retirement in 1993 until his death in 2016.  She created a flora database as a tool for Bill to organize his photographic cataloguing of wildflowers in the various natural habitats primarily in the southern Alberta region and accompanied him on many of his photographic excursions in southern Alberta natural reserve areas. 

Under the Blue Grama Publications imprint, she published Alberta Wildflower calendars and an Alberta Views calendar which featured Bill’s photography, in addition to featuring his images on Blue Grama websites.  Selected daily flora from the database are used in conjunction with a Thought for the Day and a daily inspiration word (Mother’s Inspiration Word—#MIW) in her daily thought for the day posts where selected images are described using AB Conservation Information Management System ranks & taxonomy for vascular plants, part of the 2015 Environment Canada General Status project.  


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