Cypripedium parviflorum

This Day, This Moment

As your shadow shortens westward,
arise in the glory of the eastern sunrise.
Honour yourself—
replenish your ever changing body
with the fruits of the earth;
feed your mind
with ageless pearls of wisdom
passed down to you.
Your early years shaped the path you are on;
early values direct your focus.
Everything you need to know, you know
or soon will know.Honour your children—
shape their bodies and their paths;
feed these spirit vessels with the thoughts that you hold dear.
Trust your heart and their intuition.
Everything they need to know, they seek
through peace’s path paved with your patience and love.In the brief course of your life
slow down and focus on this day:
Live in each hour;
Shape each minute;
Enjoy each moment.Yesterdays are memories and building blocks
for today’s actions and thoughts,
redirecting tomorrow’s untried paths which hold:
the bliss of growth
the glory of passionate action
the splendor of the world’s beauty.

As your shadow lengthens eastward;
Give gratitude in the glory of the western sunset.
Rest well and dream new visions.
Bask in the enjoyment of your every moments.

Based on the Sanskrit, “The Salutation of the Dawn.”—Masterpieces of Religious Verse, ed. James Dalton Morrison, p. 301 (1948) which is attributed in some sources to Klidsa, Hindu dramatist and lyric poet of the fifth century, A.D.
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