m — i am love

i am love

m — i am love, a flower in earth’s garden

i change my name to love
i grow lilies in my garden
reminders not to worry
i no longer seek the light
i am the light
breathing joy
flipping moments of pain and fear
into a lifetime of peace
there is no darkness
when cares are left to rest

come along with me
see this golden light
transforming each dead branch
into a home
nourishing new life
showing you a prophecy
worries drop
in every walk
in earth’s gardens
finding love in you
you never are alone

i become my fate
say my own sweet words
give myself a gift
to remind me of my beauty
filled so full, a nectar
spills forth
waiting to be brushed
with every lip
sharing its sweetness
lick the joy
glow in the sun
dance in the moon
the eternal light that shines
lies within you
love is not in things
it lies within
the source of light
not an afterglow
but an eternal flow
of love

my name is love
i am love
a flower in earth’s garden
grow alongside of me
a peace lies in thee

we energize
and heal our next moment

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One thought on “i am love

  1. That is breathtakingly beautiful, Marlene. What a sense of peace came over me when I read it. You are a very special lady!

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