Word Play I

Word Play


An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words. For example,

  • Together We’ll Always Thrive
  • Time Will Alleviate Trouble
  • Tame Wild Anger Today
  • Triumph Walks Around Trouble
  • Try Waiting Anger Through
  • Take Wise Advice Today
  • Tomorrow With All Trust
  • Thoughtfully Walk and Talk
  • Tick With A Tock
  • Talk With All Thought
  • Thinking Will Allow Trying
  • Trying Warms All Takers
  • The Waking Art Teases
  • Two Words Are Trim
  • The West Aims True
  • Twisted Warnings Are Trouble
  • Truth Will Answer Trouble
  • Twittered Words Are Twats
  • Toss Wishes At Teams
  • Tormented Worlds, Arguments Triggering
  • Traffic Wastes Anxious Time
  • Trade With Another Team
  • Twit With Another Tweeter

This list of phrases yield the acronym, TWAT.


An acrostic poem, also referred to as a name poem, uses a word for its subject. Then each line of the poem begins with a letter from the subject word. This type of poetry doesn’t have to rhyme.

The t-word is vulgar as Vanity intended an Old Nun’s Twat to be, in 1660.
When unfamiliarity with vulgarity reveals Robert Browning’s literary territory, all’s not right with the world.
As amusing error is sung, this distressing blunder is slung far over the woods to the world.
Turning a tune, tuning a pip of “owls, bats, cowls and twats”, vulgarity pairs with hilarity.

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