Sunset of Our Lives

If you are ever on the east coast and get to experience their spectacular sunset, especially at ocean’s shore where water mirrors sky, you will know why I would call it the “Sunset of Our Lives”.

Sunset of Our Lives

I have reached rainbow’s end
Where thoughts settle on ocean’s breeze.
A wondrous joy has filled me up;
My heart is all ablaze.
A ribbon of peach light,
A ribbon of pure gold,
A cantaloupe glory
Each beg me to behold.
Winter chills disappear
With this fiery embrace;
Atoms of this blaze of glory
Dance upon my child’s face.
This warming view shunts the joy
Now rushing through my veins.
I hear a wordless wisdom,
Echo on these earthy planes.
The flashy pleasure brightens me;
It paints away my blues
With a scene that sings my song
About this moonrise muse.
Worldly concerns rise above
The highest mountain peak.
The light spills out, to soak
The soul, spraying out this speech.
Washed in healing rushlight bath
Waves of unfilled promises are forgiven.
This honeysweet night magically filled
Every hug, kiss, whisper not given.
In the North, in the South,
In the East, in the West—
In every direction there shone
A reflection of Thy cast.

Below the earthy looking glass,
Throws back the miraculous glow
When Lamplighter sketched Her glory on
The etched harbour rocks below.
Friend and bird do beacon
Like the lighthouse, their companion—
Guides of safety that never fail,
To show hope for our salvation.
Sculptures of the lost fishermen
No more yell battle cries,
No more do they yearn for new life,
They’ve found their Paradise.
Trail ends at Eternity’s kingdom
The place pictured in these skies.
Newfound inspiration was found in
This sunset of our lives.
World worries faded away
Eased by wondrous light.
Awestruck by the glory in
This mansion of the night.
This gift of magic in the air
Was just the start to my surprise
For a larger understanding, now
Deep within me, lies.
The travail of the ocean winds
By saintly hues were seduced.
In this sky, I was shown that
Great things had been produced—
In the box of treasures
Found at rainbow’s altitude,
Walking within Her light
The gift of me, She did include.

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