2015 Calendars

2015 calendars
Family Art and Alberta Wildflowers wall calendars for 2015.

Alberta Wildflowers 2015 Wall Calendar

Published by Blue Grama Publications, the Alberta Wildflowers 2015 wall calendar (ISBN 9781987855005) features two spring 2015 colours: classic blue and lavender herb.

2015 AB Wildflowers Calendar Front
front of the 2015 Alberta Wildflowers wall calendar


2015 AB Wildflowers Calendar Back
back of the 2015 Alberta Wildflowers wall calendar
2015 AB Wildflowers summary
summary overview of the 2015 Alberta Wildflowers 11″ x 17″ wall calendar images

Calendar images are from Sharp’s Flora of the Northwestern Great Plains database.

As with former Alberta Wildflowers calendars, a supplementary document details the calendar images, documenting the date and location the plants were located in Alberta, along with other botanical facts of interest to any naturalist. For example, see the one plant, the devil’s walking stick, known to be located in Waterton and learn where else in Alberta that it can be found.

Flora of the Northwestern Great Plains Database

Sharp’s Flora of the Northwestern Great Plains database currently catalogues 66 families of Canadian prairie, steppe, and grassland plants. Over eighty-three thousand, high-resolution, print-quality electronic images of flora seeds, leaves, flowers, influorescence, and habitats have been collected for over half a century by Bill Sharp. Early (1950–2004) SLR photographs and slides are still in the process of being digitally rephotographed.

About the Photographer

William H. (Bill) Sharp is a retired faculty member of the University of Lethbridge biology department, Bill Sharp concentrates on exploring his life-long passion for photographing flora and fauna. Capturing photos of rare and unusual flora of the Great Northwestern Plains had him hiking in natural reserve areas among captivating vistas. In this calendar, a few of his “Alberta Wildflowers” are presented.

Bill is a founding member of the Lethbridge Naturalists Society, an organization for which he has served as an executive for a number of years. For several years, he served on environmental committees for the City of Lethbridge and was a representative to the Alberta Provincial Environmental Conservation Authority. He served on the provincial committee dealing with a special report on the conservation of the western blue flag, a species considered endangered by the Federal Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). He is often consulted as an expert in plant species identification.


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