Charles Noble

Alberta’s Philosophic Pleasure

With wizardry, Charles blows the dust off ancient philosophers. They that were, magically revisit, reemerge, reprofound, as he pours their unsilenced voices into our carts. A fund of experiences weaves reawa-kin-ed truths, reconciled maximally with his paradoxic minimialistic review of our culture. He makes everything of nothing and nothing of everything. Revealing trails huskily break up powdering our senses, all-the-more-phism cleared chaotically when the grist settles.

Fields surveyed, seasoned cogitators—far too ahead of their time—researched and scrutinized, this disciplined sophist with substantive scientific curiosities, practices perceiving world affairs with his dwelling mind to broadcast incubated, honed, contrapuntal, long-poem narratives. Noble’s art lies in recognizing and inter-breeding substantive spins, weightily lifting readers up with his intentional intellectual intensity. With extensive roots in and on Albertan soil in and around Nobleford, this physical and mental heavyweight (from decades of regimented weight lifting and research) tips his divide toward Banff where, as a measured drinker of wine and coffee typically in his “Salt” office, he li-cks/kes conversation, practices being a health nut, a worthy influence, and humbly Dasein among the majestic splendor of art, mountains, amidst constant and changing characters weaving through his life. He is award-winning, playful, and besides watching movies and hockey, he is capable of being dragged—albeit kicking and humming—further into a techno world, although not on leg-day Sunday filled with anxious anticipation and not when he is going home (harvesting).


( no “s”)

Charle ‘s a laid-back orator.
He is what he is not, he is not what he is.
in a Sartre-ian sense.
Catch his words hang, hover,
—a steamy cup of coffee.
Watch him ponder
aloud, pounce
on social themes, and prattle
mindfully as he bounces
sly glances your way, playfully
musing over your gathering
of his reflective, lightening wit.
Analytical, lyrical lilts,
pulsating pole-tics, push
from his male-mentored mind.
Atom fact, he leaves in his Body Shop. Soft lips
pre-sensed, presently present
reserved ramblings.
A cerebral wanderlust, this farmer is philosopher.
He heeds
“bona fido” earthy mutt_ears full_of_sophic play heeling
ever-ready, non-battery
topics. Thunderous, re-delivered steeds,
of philosophic me_wondering roots
in Hegel, Kant, Nietzsche, Heidegger,
Pierce (pronounced “purse”)
uncompress hotly-charged streams steadily blowing
to cold boot your senses
with his soul-felt, found -at -in -on,
distinctively-blue steel
thoughts rising contem_palative
Charle ‘s,
what he is;
naughty, not he, not C h a r l e  s.

“Charle” (retrieve Kelpie) makes everything of nothing and nothing of everything, broadcasting incubated, honed and contrapuntal long-poem narratives.  Charle ‘s what he is (retrieve Sartre):  an intellectual lifter, a cerebral wanderlust.  Marlene, August 2016


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