Silent Stillness

Bravely seek and find
comfort in spaces
opened by silent moments.
Solutions are calmly catchable
in free-floating focus-promoting air,
tempestuously uncatchable
in the disarray of a frenetic storm.
Stillness in silence
gives light to a darkness,
gives calm to a storm,
yields to peace
in our burdensome world.

Simply stop;
breathe in a silence.
screams of answers
are hurled.
Prepare to catch;
be present,
be stilled to perceive.
Stillness within the silence
unfolds the truths untold. 

Freedom lies in your name.
Leave behind 
other views,
bull/lying shots,
cutting looks,
hateful blocks.
Lift up.
Chin up.
You are enough.
Beam forth
a self-esteem.  
your inner tape.
I am enough,
deserve the best,
have a diamond base.

Stillness within silence
unfolds those truths untold. 


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