• Writing: creative and technical writing; professional editing including academic styles (specialized APA-style editing) and indices
  • Graphic art
  • Pre-press services
  • Print and digital services
  • Website development and maintenance, CMS and Social Media setup and support
  • Inter-media publishing

Pre-press Services include such services as:

  • Consultation, book organization and section recommendations
  • Content editing and review
  • Research assistance, data verification
  • Preface writing
  • Professional editing, focus: clarity, consistency, coherency, conciseness, cohesiveness, completeness
  • Graphic enhancements (vectorization of rasterized images)
  • Logo enhancements, image creation, graphic development and design
  • Layout, template development
  • Indexing, multi-level indices when required
  • Cataloguing and marketing services
  • Cover images and design
  • Print services, paper and colour recommendations
  • Banner ads
  • Business printing packages (logo development, business cards, brochure)


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